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Volunteering at RECOGNISE

Interested in finding out more about volunteering from your State Field Leader? Leave your name and phone number here and we’ll give you a call ASAP!

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the RECOGNISE movement.

As a volunteer, you get hands-on campaign experience as you get involved in raising awareness and understanding about the need for constitutional recognition and reform.

One-by-one, we want to let every Australian know why we need to change our Constitution and build a more inclusive nation.

Wherever you live, whatever your lifestyle, there is a way for you to get involved!

If you’re interested in joining our fast growing team, contact your State Field Leader (see details below) and start a conversation about what you can do to get recognition in and racism out of our Constitution. Together, we can ensure the upcoming referendum reflects the will of an engaged and informed nation.

What Volunteers Get

RECOGNISE volunteers receive on-going training and support to ensure they are comfortable and confident fulfilling their role. This includes training in Field Campaigning and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Competency.

Volunteers will always have the State Field Leader or a local volunteer leader available to provide daily updates, support, and debriefing. As a volunteer, you will join the RECOGNISE community and you’ll have many opportunities to be involved in special briefings, events, and activities.

What Volunteers Do

Recognise volunteers work closely with State or Local Field Leaders and participate in a range of activities including:

  • Phone banking – groups of volunteers calling people to have conversations
  • Door knocking – groups of volunteers knocking on doors to have conversations
  • Street / Event / Workplace engagements (e.g. Central Station, WOMADelaide, Telstra Lobby) – groups of volunteers conversations at hubs/festivals/offices
  • Online engagement – groups of volunteers having  conversations online
  • Data entry – groups of volunteers recording and entering data
  • Planning, organising, and hosting volunteering and community events

RECOGNISE State and Territory Field Leaders

To be a part of this historic work, get in touch with your State or Territory Field Leader. All their details are below. They’ll get right back to you about how you can get trained, take action and get involved with events coming to your area.

New South Wales / Australian Capital Territory – Natalie Klak

Natalie Klak
Natalie is a Yindjibarndi woman who has lived in WA and NSW. She has 20+ years career experience as a journalist, military police officer, and telecommunications team leader. Natalie has strong experience in team management, HR, and internal and external communications. She is the co-convenor of the Indigenous Corporate Network. Natalie is an absolute go getter with so much initiative and drive it’s hard to keep up! She has been a supporter of Recognise since the beginning and has volunteered for the organisation in the past. Contact Nat at natalie.klak@recognise.org.au or on 0400 741 838. Check out the events happening in NSW here.

Queensland – Ben Gertz

Ben Gertz
Ben is a Gugu-Badhun, Ngadjon-ji, and Meriam man from North Queensland and the Torres Strait Islands. He has excellent experience as a campaign organiser working on numerous political and student campaigns. He has also worked for a number of government departments in fast-paced and high pressure roles requiring quick policy advice and decision-making. Ben brings fantastic on-the-ground field experience to the team and is super connected throughout QLD. Ben has been a supporter of Recognise since the beginning and he was a youth ambassador in the early years of the campaign. Contact Ben at ben.gertz@recognise.org.au or on 0439 844 197. Check out the events happening in Queensland here.

Northern Territory – Mae Mae Morrison

Mae Mae Morrison
Mae Mae is a Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal woman from QLD who has lived in the NT for over 27 years. She has spent the last decade travelling around the NT helping communities to get connected to the e-health system to improve health outcomes. She has a background in radio journalism, community engagement, and student support. Mae Mae brings deep community experience and an important understanding of engaging with remote communities. She speaks Yolngu Matha and Torres Strait Creole and has strong connections across the NT and QLD. Mae Mae attended a Recognise event in Alice Springs in 2013 and has been a supporter ever since. Contact Mae Mae at maemae.morrison@recognise.org.au or on 0438 045 635. Check out the events happening in the Northern Territory here.

Western Australia – Bec Blurton

Bec Blurton
Bec is a Nyoongar woman from Perth WA. She’s worked in a number of different industries from fashion to mining. Bec previously managed and coordinated Indigenous employment initiatives and economic development programs between Melbourne and Perth. She is passionate about equality and Indigenous self-determination and hopes to make an impact in Australia on closing the gap for women and Indigenous people. Bec has been a supporter of Recognise from the beginning and is proud to be working on the campaign. She believes this is a major step forward not only for Indigenous people, but all Australians. Contact Bec at rebecca.blurton@recognise.org.au or on 0487 641 036. Check out the events happening in Western Australia here.

South Australia – Luke Taylor

Luke Taylor
Luke is a Ngarrindjeri man from South Australia. He has 10+ years’ experience working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in various sectors – primarily in closing the gap. Prior to this Luke was involved in marketing and communications, and more recently assisting organisations in developing Reconciliation Action Plans and Indigenous Employment Strategies. Luke joined the Recognise campaign as he wants his family to grow up in a country where they celebrate Indigenous Culture and are proud of their Indigenous History. Luke believes Constitutional Recognition is the first step forward in the national picture for Indigenous people. Contact Luke at luke.taylor@recognise.org.au or on 0407 538 002. Check out the events happening in South Australia here.

Victoria and Tasmania – TBA

We are are currently in the process of recruiting a Field Leader for Victoria and Tasmania. If you are interested in applying for this position, visit our Jobs page here.