This collection of media coverage on constitutional reform in Australia dates back to 2007.

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No vote at all is better than a win for the No
Date: 27th January 2012

It is always a good time to remove racially discriminatory provisions from the constitution. Except when such a sensible act might be defeated at a referendum for failing to obtain an overall majority and a majority of votes in a majority of states and there are unintended consequences

Indigenous tent embassy protesters demean Australia Day
Date: 27th January 2012

WHAT we saw yesterday was no way to mark Australia Day. For fair-minded Australians, the sight of the Prime Minister being bundled away by security personnel from angry protesters, and stumbling into the embrace of her security minders along the way, was disturbing.

It’s unanimous: recognise First Peoples in the Constitution
Date: 27th January 2012

MEMBERS of the Expert Panel on Constitutional Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples last week presented a unanimous report to Prime Minister Julia Gillard, recommending changes to the Australian Constitution to recognise the continuing cultures, languages and heritage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples. Other recommended changes include removing racist elements and prohibiting discrimination on the grounds of race, colour or ethnic or national origin.

Day of shame shows why we must stop this racial charade
Date: 27th January 2012

SO THIS is what reconciliation looks like on Australia Day, after so many concessions over so many useless years.

Reconciliation means Prime Minister Julia Gillard being trapped by furious Aboriginal protesters inside a Canberra building yesterday for half an hour.

A case of legal deception about our 'racist' constitution
Date: 27th January 2012

Michael Brull's commentary on my article in The Australian (January 24) on the report to the Gillard government on constitutional recognition of indigenous people is both personally abusive and intellectually deceptive.

Aborigine protesters burn Australian flag outside Parliament
Date: 27th January 2012

(CNN) -- A group of indigenous Australian protesters made headlines for a second day in a row Friday after they gathered outside the Australian Parliament and set fire to the country's flag.

The move came a day after security officers dragged Prime Minister Julia Gillard out of a Canberra restaurant after scores of angry protesters surrounded the building during a luncheon ceremony.

Australian PM flees Aboriginal rights protesters on national day
Date: 27th January 2012

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and opposition leader Tony Abbott have escaped from a group of protesters rallying for Aboriginal peoples rights on Australia Day.

Gillard and Abbott had been presenting National Emergency Medals in a restaurant close to the nation’s parliament on Thursday, as part of official Australia Day celebrations.

Writing on wall for remote tongues
Date: 26th January 2012

A NATIONAL bilingual syllabus is urgently needed in schools in Aboriginal communities to slow the rapid decline of indigenous languages, the new peak Aboriginal congress has told the Gillard government.

Recognising the first Australians
Date: 26th January 2012

Aboriginal people won a referendum in 1967 for the right to vote, and now all Australians will be asked to go to the ballot to give them recognition in the Constitution.

Page MP Janelle Saffin said it had been an honour to be a part of the panel on Constitutional Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples for the past year. The panel handed their report to Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin last Thursday and the government will now consider the recommendations and how best to frame a question to take to a referendum.

Local leaders support indigenous recognition in Constitution
Date: 26th January 2012

CONSTITUTIONAL change to formally recognise Australia’s indigenous people and prohibit racial discrimination was supported by local politicians at a citizenship ceremony at Little Bay on Australia Day.

Following a Welcome to Country ceremony by La Perouse Elder Les Davidson, elected representatives spoke in support of the proposed 2013 Referendum.

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