This collection of media coverage on constitutional reform in Australia dates back to 2007.

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Removing race from our constitution
Date: 20th January 2012

Some critics have voiced concern and confusion over the report by the 22-person panel on constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples released yesterday, namely how the issue of race (or racist elements of the constitution) can be removed and yet seemingly emphasised at the same time by introducing a section on the role and importance of indigenous Australians.

Belief in the Constitution for change
Date: 20th January 2012

A divisive debate about including Aboriginal people in the Constitution could jeopardise Australia's tentative steps toward reconciliation, leading legal and indigenous figures warned.

But they remained convinced Australia was finally ready to formally recognise indigenous people in the Constitution, and to strike out racially discriminatory clauses - if the process was handled properly.

Constitution changes 'won't help indigenous Australians'
Date: 20th January 2012

A PROPOSED clause prohibiting racial discrimination in the Commonwealth constitution would be too complex to benefit indigenous Australians, a legal expert says.

The clause was among the recommendations made by an expert panel, which the Government had asked to examine the document to propose how it could be changed to recognise indigenous Australians.

Indigenous recognition now looks complicated
Date: 20th January 2012

THE website established to promote constitutional recognition for indigenous Australians is titled You Me Unity, which is an obvious reference to the goal of racial and social harmony that motivates the initiative.

But it also provides a strong hint about what will be required in order to realise the ambition of constitutional change. A referendum will only be successful if most Australians unite behind, not only the cause, but the fine print of the question eventually put to voters. The proposals put to the government yesterday are set to create more difficulties than initially expected in maintaining a national consensus.

Faith and hard work paid off in 1967 referendum
Date: 20th January 2012

ALMOST half a century on from 1967, Faith Bandler's career as a civil rights campaigner has long since passed.

But the woman who spearheaded the "yes" vote in the 1967 referendum would be thrilled to see further constitutional change in her lifetime.

Freedom Ride II a bit hurtful in places
Date: 20th January 2012

Setting out to recreate Charles Perkins' legendary Freedom Ride, the group was full of hope.

But the so-called Freedom Riders - 25 indigenous and non-indigenous young people, backed by Aboriginal elders and support workers - soon realised the scale of their battle.

Gillard receives Indigenous recognition report
Date: 20th January 2012

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has received the final report on a proposal to change the Australian Constitution to recognise Indigenous peoples.

Australia looks at place of indigenous people
Date: 20th January 2012

Australia is looking at changing it's constitution to formally recognise indigenous people.

A government appointed panel has recommended the constitutional changes include the prohibition of racial discrimination and acknowledging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People as the first to inhabit Australia.

Any changes to the constitution require a national referendum, and the prime minister Julia Gillard says the task will be a challenging one.

Push to recognise indigenous Australians in constitution
Date: 19th January 2012

Indigenous Australians should be recognised in the body of the constitution and racist sections should be scrapped, an expert panel has recommended.

Labor has promised to hold a national referendum on the constitutional recognition of indigenous Australians on or before the next federal election, due in 2013.

Abbott welcomes indigenous report
Date: 19th January 2012

Constitutional recognition for indigenous Australians should not amount to a one clause bill of rights, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says.

Mr Abbott has welcomed a report from an expert panel which recommends indigenous Australians be recognised in the body of the constitution not just in a new preamble.

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